• julietsavigear

Newborn Baby & Family Photographer - Balham

This gorgeous little girl was beautifully behaved for her newborn baby photo shoot. When I came to the family home in Balham, she was ready to sleep and we set up a blanket on a bed and she looked adorable covered by a turquoise mohair wrap with matching headband.

As she slept we also grabbed a few family photos together with mummy and daddy.

We then moved her into a basket against a dark wood floor (see photo at the top of this blog post) - she continued to sleep soundly. I just love the way babies position themselves - she had her feet right up close to her chin - just adorable!

She then continued to sleep once we moved her onto a rosebud blanket.

We then moved her onto a black background.

She then woke up, so we did manage to get some photos with her eyes open.

Newborn Baby & Family Photographer - Balham, South West London, SW2

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