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Staricase Adventures On Kiwi Family Photography Shoot In Kensal Green

It was one of the most mizzerly of days when I went off to do the family photography shoot for Katie, Phil and their two children, Finlay (3) and Jasper (1). This young family, originally from New Zealand, live up in Kensal Green (NW10) in North London. A little drizzle was definitely not going to dampen the spirits of these lively kiwis. To make things more fun, the grand parents had also come over to visit for a couple of weeks for Jasper's first birthday.

Toys and snacks were on hand as we started off with a few classic family portraits shots with everyone – plenty of smiles and silly faces. We then let things get a little freer and let the two kids roam around and have a good play (the drizzle wasn't even good enough to go splashing around in welles). There is no doubt that Jasper is an adventurous little one year old and up is the only direction in which he is heading! Several times up the stairs or clambering over mountains of pillows. Nothing will get in his way (and most definitely not a photographer pulling funny faces). Finlay got her best jewellery out to show off and everyone had a good roll around on mummy and daddy's bed. But in the end, it seemed that the best thing to do was to simply pull on grandpa's nose!

An absolute delight to meet and get some lovely photographs for this adventurous, fun family in Kensal Green.

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