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Baby Photography Shoot - Tuffnell Park

I had been asked to photograph this 10 week old baby girl, Thalia, and her mummy and daddy, Monique and Kisis, at their home in Tuffnell Park (London, N7). Thalia was a sweet, inquisitive little baby.

We started the session in her parents bedroom. Thalia was in need of mummy and daddy cuddles, so we took a few photographs of her looking over either parent's shoulder and looking at herself in the mirror. She was not keen to lie by herself on the bed, so we moved down to the sitting room where she could still look at the world from the comfort of her bouncy chair.

Although the weather was a bit miserable, we wrapped up cosily and went out to the garden to get a few photographs amongst the scrubs and winter greenery.

It was then time for a feed. Some mothers feel awkward being photographed when they are breastfeeding, but a baby's head is a very good object to keep images decent! Breastfeeding is a time of great intimacy and relaxation. A bonding time between mother and baby. I find there are often touching images to be taken at this moment - see the above image.

A naked tummy session on the bed gave us some beautiful photographs of Thalia as she lifted her head to look around.

Monique and Thalia spend lots of time singing and lying around on the floor (or gurgling on the playmat) - which make for lovely photographs that will give happy memories for years to come.

A final photograph with Thalia sleeping with one of her favourite toys knitted by a grandma finished the session for the day.

A lovely photography shoot and I look forward to coming back in the summer for part II of Thalia's 'First Two Years' package.

To see more photographs from this baby and family session go to my Facebook page.

Baby Photographer - Tuffnell Park, London, N7

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