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Newborn Baby Photography Shoot - Battersea

I was asked to come and take some photographs of a little newborn baby boy, Max, in Battersea. I had been recommended to the parents by a lovely doula, Zara, (thank you!) who had helped the new mother through her birth and then at their home for the first few weeks afterwards. If you want to find out more about doulas then do go to her website, they can be a wonderful support through childbirth and in those early days of parenthood (and I can assure you, Max's father found Zara to be invaluable!).

Max was feeling rather unsettled that morning, but one thing I can always guarantee is that whenever I am on a photo shoot, there is no pressure of time. I will only take on one photo session per day, so all sessions are relaxed and we can move at the pace with the baby to ensure that we always get some fabulous photos.

Max was taking rather longer than usual to drink his milk, but this gave us time to get some photos of both mummy and daddy feeding their new boy and holding him in their arms. There can never be enough cuddles and it is amazing the number of different positions that a baby can find comforting and these all provide varied new photo opportunities.

Once Max had fallen asleap, we placed him delicately on a large, upholstered, stripy foot rest, which made a lovely backdrop for some sleeping newborn baby photos. Max was disturbed quite quickly and ready for another feed. Whilst Julie (his mummy) was feeding him, Zara (who had nipped off earlier to the shops and on some errands after having hung out the washing) was putting pitta bread, cripsps, crudites and dips out for me to nibble on and ensuring that both Julie and Bart (Max's father) were also properly fed... oh and she had also popped together a goulash for their dinner, which was in the oven and filling the house with it's rich, warming aroma.

After another good feed Max was in another deep sleep and ready for some more modelling. This time we placed him on some faux fur (as in the above picture) and we got a mixture of photos of him lying on there, both full length, mid shots as well as a whole selection of close up details, which are always so cute with tiny newborns.

With a wide selection of images it was time for me to leave them - hopefully to get a good night's sleep following on from Max's photo session.

To see more photographs from this newborn baby photography shoot go to my Facebook page.

Newborn Baby Photographer - Battersea, London, SW11

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