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American Tourists In London - Family Photo Shoot Around Westminster

I was really excited when I was asked by a couple of families who were over from California, US, to take some photos of them at some of the classic London tourists sights.

The two families were close friends and had brought their children, together with a couple of other relatives and a nanny over from American to do a tour of Europe for the summer.

We met across the river from The Houses Of Parliament as I knew this would provide a good place to meet away from the throngs of tourists that swarm the streets and it was also a great place to get some photos of the two families taking in the River Thams, Westminster Bridge and Big Ben - see above. The clouds were looking great, making for some dramatic skies over this classic London scene.

We stayed a little while at this spot to get a variety of combinations of each family and the children, before some little (as well as a few adult) tummies began to rumble. Children are always happiest when they've had some food, so a quick visit to a nearby eaterie was needed. This didn't stop for some lovely photos of the children... with that London backdrop behind.

Time to crack on. We began to make our way slowly over Westminster Bridge, but those black clouds which had looked so fabulous in the earlier photographs began to unleash their load and the rain started to fall pretty heavily. These two, beautifully dressed American families may have thought that I looked rather frumpy when they first met me, but now they saw why as I was all prepared with my waterproofs. A quick visit to a nearby umbrella stand sorted the issue - as Claudio very practically pointed out "When you have lemons, make lemonade".

With heavy rain and four children ranging between the ages of 2 and 6, we may not have quite completed the London tour that we had planned, but there is no doubt that we got some great shots that will really shout out "LONDON" when they get back home. Seven massive, Union Jack umbrellas definitely stand out and look great in photos - here is one of my favourites.

To see some more photos from this London family photography session, go to my Facebook page.

Family & Children's Photographer, Westminster, London, W1

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