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Toddler & Family Photography Session - Clapham North

This Is My Chair - Children's Photography, Clapham

Sometimes children can be very timid around strangers and it is important to quickly gain their trust. As this lovely, little two and a half year old girl was somewhat shy, we arranged to have a meeting prior to the photo shoot at their family home in Clapham North. It didn't take long before we were playing catch with her favourite ball and making playdoh shapes.

When it came to the day of the family photo shoot, it only took a few moments for the smiles and games to start. I find it is always good to get children into an activity that they will enjoy, so we got out some different roles of textured, shiny sheets - which made for some interesting photos as she peered through the metallic mesh.

Looking Through The Mesh - Children's Photography, Clapham

Veil - Children's Photography, Clapham

After playing hide and seek around her favourite chair, she then settled into the armchair (see the photo at the top of this blog post) before then reading us a story.

Reading - Children's Photography, Clapham

The mother had also been keen to get some photos against a plain white background, which I had brought along to their home. This timid little girl was now very relaxed and grabbed one of her toy dogs as she posed happily for the camera with big smiles.

Children's Portrait Photography, Clapham

We then jumped into the car and headed down to Battersea Park for some exterior family photographs among the trees and the spring flowers.

Children's Photography - Battersea Park

Smelling The Flowers - Children's Photography, Battersea Park

Hey! Children's Photography, Battersea Park

Round and Round and Round We Go - Children's Photography, Battersea Park

Climbing Trees - Children's & Family Photography, Battersea Park

Children's Portrait Photography - Battersea Park

Pretty Flowers - Children's Photography, Battersea Park

Children's Portrait Photography - Battersea Park

Children's & Family Photographer - Clapham North, SW9 and Battersea Park

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