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Newborn Baby Twins Photographer - Victoria, London

I love photographing newborn babies, but it has to be said, there is something so exciting about twins.

I came to Amina and Musa's family home in Victoria, London. The babies were both asleep when I arrived. Their mother woke them for a feed when I arrived. As she was busy with them, I photographed their 4 year old, big brother in the courtyard.

When the twins were ready, we got them both swaddled up and placed together in a large basket. Obviously one, Musa, fell fast asleep, but Amina was eager to know what was going on around her.

We then captured some photos together with their big brother, a few more photos of the twins, both together and individually... and some photos with mummy. And to finish of, a photo of mummy with her big boy.

Newborn Baby Twins, Children's & Family Photographer - Victoria, London, SW1

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