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Twins Photographer - Clapham

The twin girls were just being woken from their morning nap when I arrived at their family home in Clapham. They were absolutely gorgeous toddlers, both full of character and energy.

We started the session in their bedroom getting natural photos as they played and danced around their room with the bubble machine.

It is always hard to capture twins together in photographs once they are on the move, so we had set up a number of activities for the girls to keep them entertained. Firstly, some chunky necklaces provided an excellent activity, set against a bright coloured background wall. What can I say? Girls and jewellery... when does the fascination end!

A sea of colourful balloons provided the next entertainment, before setting them up on the kitchen island with lots of baking equipment.

Twins Photographer - Clapham, South West London, SW4

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