Baby Photographer - Canary Wharf

Eight week old baby Florence's mummy had not originally thought at all about getting baby photos done when her daughter was born. But a friend of hers had some done and she was was completely sold on getting some special photos of these early weeks that pass by so quickly.

Although her daughter was passed the classic two week 'newborn' baby period, she was keen to some more 'posed' photographs with baskets and props.

We set up first of all with a large basket on a distressed, white, wooden floor with pink fur, wraps and a rosebud headband. Florence looked so pretty and was so well behaved.

Florence was then getting sleepy and fell asleep in one of my most popular set ups on a grey blanket with turquoise wrap and matching headband.

Her parents had both been keen to get a photo of their baby girl in a hammock.

We also got some more photos of Florence cosily wrapped up in a chunky purple blanket. And also, one that I wasn't quite prepared at this time of year, a Christmas photo (Florence's due date), but they had a Santa's sack and Christmas present, hat and some red festive leggings to help with this set up.

Baby Photographer - Canary Wharf, East London, E14

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