Baby Twins Photographer - Earlsfield

Twins are always fun to photograph and it was lovely to to come and capture these twelve week old twin girls at their family home in Earlsfield.

When I arrived at their home everything was very organised. The little girls were both just waking up and having their feed. As one of the girls was still being fed, I capture her sister as she lay on a bright coloured blanket and this was also a good time to get some close up details.

I then set up a black background as their parents were keen to get some photos on this background.

We then got a range of photos of the twins on a bed and also on a beanbag - where they were meant to be going to sleep, but that's babies for you!

We ended the session with a photo that their father wanted - a picture of the twins at the same time as showing off the tattoo on his arm.

Baby Twins & Family Photography - Earlsfield, South West London, SW18

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