Extended Family Group Photographer - Parsons Green

With Christmas time families can come together with groups coming from all over the world. This family brought cousins together, with brothers, sisters and grandparents.

With such a large group we started the session at a local park. The weather wasn't great, but managed to hold for the outdoors group photos.

We then went back to the home of one of the families, where a bed provided an excellent, relaxed spot for some more group photos. The kids were so sweet playing together and looking after each other.

We then got some more relaxed general photos of the children playing. I spotted a bare Christmas tree in the basement, so suggested that the kids might like to decorate this... OK maybe they did end up with a tree that had certain areas of the tree heavily decorated and the higher parts less so, but a great activity to photograph!

Extended Family Portrait / Children's / Baby Photographer - Parson's Green, South West London, SW6

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