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Newborn Baby & Family Photographer - Raynes Park

Newborn Baby In A Bucket

How can I not love my job when photographing these gorgeous, little bundles. I came to the home of this young family in Raynes Park and we began the session with some family photos against a white wall.

Family Photography With Newborn Baby
Mother & Baby
Nose To Nose
Nose To Nose With Daddy
Tiny Baby In Daddy's Hands

They were keen to get some photos of their newborn baby boy in a bucket - he looked such a sweetie as he slept there all snug.

Baby Sleeping In A Bucket
Newborn Baby In A Bucket
Sleeping Newborn Baby
Baby In Baker's Boy Hat

We then got this baby settled into a round basket.

Baby Sleeping In A Basket
Sleeping Baby
Baby Feet
Baby Holding Onto Finger

He was so well settled that we swaddled him and he continued to sleep in another basket, and the family pet, a poodle dog, came to join in briefly.

Newborn Baby & Dog
Baby Sleeping In A Basket

It was then time to get a few more family photos with both mummy and daddy on a bed.

Love Of A Newborn Baby
Daddy's Kiss
Mother & Baby

They were also keen to get a photo of his feet with their hands surrounding forming a heart.

Baby's Feet In Heart

And a photo of him looking all teeny in his big cot.

Tiny Baby In Cot

And finally a sweet photo of this newborn snuggled in a soft blue blanket with a matching pom pom hat - and he was finally awake!

Cute Baby Photography

Newborn Baby & Family Photographer - Raynes Park, South West London, SW20

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