Maternity Photographer - West Norwood

It was a bright, sunny day when I came to the home of this young couple expecting their first child soon.

We started the session in a downstairs bedroom that would work well for some silhouette pregnancy photos.

We then set up a white background in their main living area with mum-to-be dressed in a lace maternity gown to show off the bump. The sun shining through the skylight would sometimes leave pleasing splashes of light across her hair.

Whilst still wearing the maternity gown, we also captured an option against a dark background to give a much more contrasting look to the images.

She then changed into a patterned dress.

With a modern house, we found some unusual places to create some more graphic and creative maternity photos. Even the shadows from a window added a lovely graphic feel to some photos we took on the staircase.

We then went back to the dark background to capture some more bump photos. A rocking chair also worked really well for some creative images (including the photo at the top of this blog post).

Maternity Photography - West Norwood, South East London, SE27

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