Baby & Family Photographer - Southwark

I came to the home of this family in Southwark, London. They had a two and a half year old son and a nearly four week old baby boy. They wanted natural, documentary-style photos to be taken during the general chaos that life brings when you have a newborn baby and a toddler that is coupled with moments of serenity.

It was a wonderful relaxed photo shoot that I really felt captured the love and sense of fun this family had. The toddler would often just lunge in to give his new brother a kiss and the newborn baby was constantly wanting more milk.

When I arrived, they had just come back from the grandparents house. Nobody was ready, but that really didn't matter, as I just captured their life and the way they interacted as they carried on with their day. I shall simply let the photos tell the story!

Baby & Family Photographer - Southwark, South East London, SE17

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