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Newborn Baby & Family Photographer - Wimbledon

Newborn Baby

I received a slightly quizzical look when I handed the father an old bucket as he help me carry the props from my car, but his wife had some some photos of babies in buckets and was keen to get something similar - daddy's face soften when he saw just how gorgeous his son looked when settled in there.

Baby Sleeping In A Bucket
Adorable Baby In A Bucket
Sleeping Baby
Baby Baker Boy In A Bucket
Cute Newborn Baby In A Bucket
Land Of Nod
Sleeping Baby
Sleeping Baby

He woke up as he was got out of the bucket and we then went for a shot (daddy's choice this time!) on a sheepskin rug they had - what a gorgeous, little smile he gave us!

Baby On Sheepskin Rug
Looking At You
Newborn Baby

We then got some more natural, as well as some studio-style portrait photos with mummy and daddy. He had some adorable expressions on his face.

Hungry Baby!
Cosy With Daddy
Newborn Baby With Family
Mother & Baby
Mother & Baby
Looking At Daddy
Father & Son
Father & Baby
Family Photo With Newborn Baby
Newborn Baby

We moved onto to getting some photos of this newborn baby boy on a chunky blanket - which gave us the opportunity for more family photos and also some close up details.

Sleeping Baby
Daddy & Baby
Baby's Hand
Baby's Hand
Baby Feet
Sleeping Newborn Baby
Sleeping Baby

Newborn Baby & Family Photographer - Wimbledon, South West London, SW19

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