Newborn Baby & Family Photographer - Tooting

When I came to the home of this family for the newborn photo shoot for their baby girl, she proved to be an alert little button.

We started the session with her swaddled in a basket - her eyes as big as ever!

We then set up a cosy spot for this baby on a bed, where she lay on a small blanket that had been made for her. After a feed, she began to feel sleepy and we were able to get her sleeping on the blanket, wearing a couple of different headbands that her mummy had got for her.

As she slept there, we were able to get some family photos together with mummy and daddy.

This adorable newborn baby girl then woke up. We got some lovely photos of her in a rich, pink blanket - her yawns were lovely to capture!

Newborn Baby & Family Photographer - Tooting, South West London, SW17

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