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Baby Photographer - Norbury

Family photo with baby

This baby girl was a month old when I came to the family home in Norbury for her photo shoot. At this age, babies are passed the classic newborn baby stage and are likely to be much more awake (despite what you see in the above photo!) and alert.

The family wanted to get a few 'posed' photos, so we chose a lovely basket for her, it didn't then matter if she was awake and it was lovely to watch her play around with her arms and legs.

Baby in a basket
Baby photography
Cute baby photography
Close up on baby's face
Baby feet

We then took a few photos of her in a Christmas outfit, before doing some family portrait photos against a plain, white wall.

Christmas baby
Family photo with Christmas baby
Family photo with Christmas baby
Family with baby
Family with baby
Baby in mother's arms
Mother's kiss
Daddy's kiss

They were keen to get some baby feet pictures, including baby's feet in a heart.

Baby's feet in heart
Baby's feet in heart
Baby's feet
Baby's feet

She was getting tired. So we let mummy settle her in her usual way and then could get back to getting some lovely, natural photos of this baby girl. Mummy and daddy then came in for a kiss and family photos.

Sleeping baby
Baby's foot
Baby's fist
Kissing our baby girl
Mother's kiss

Baby & Family Photographer - Norbury, South West London, SW16

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