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Newborn Baby & Family Photographer - Putney

Sleeping newborn baby

I had been recommended to this family by another family I had recently done a shoot for within their NCT group.

I came to their home in Putney and we started with this gorgeous boy in a bucket, where he settled easily. He looked adorably snug and after some photos of him we added a cute baker's boy hat... just too scrumptious!

Newborn baby sleeping in a bucket
Newborn baby photography
Baker's Boy!

We then used a funky, striped rug as a background for this baby boy lying in a basket... now very much awake!

Baby in a basket
Close up on baby's face
Close up on baby's face
Baby's fist

He then became a little more unsettled, so time for some cuddles with both mummy and grandma.

Mother & baby
Mother & baby
Cuddles from grandma
Mother & baby
Mother & baby
Smiling baby

And finally sleep!

Sleeping baby

Newborn Baby & Family Photographer - Putney, South West London, SW15

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