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Newborn Baby, Toddler & Family Photo Shoot - North London

Family portrait with newborn baby

I had recently done a maternity photo shoot for this family and now their newborn baby girl had arrived.

We began the session with some photos with their eldest daughter, who was full of hugs for her baby sister.

My baby sister
Toddler photography

We then did some photos of mummy with her newborn baby.

Mother & newborn baby
Mother & newborn baby

With this little newborn baby starting to fall asleep, we placed her in a galvanised bucket, adorned with some flowers. Having got a variety of beautiful photos of her here, we got the devoted big sister back in for a couple of pictures.

Newborn baby sleeping in bucket
Sleeping newborn baby girl
Close up on baby's face
Baby's hand

We then did a variety of different newborn baby set ups, including her in a basket and lying cosily in a soft blanket.

Newborn baby in a basket
Newborn baby in a basket
Sleeping newborn baby
Newborn baby photography
Newborn baby photography
Sleeping baby girl

To match with some of the photos that we had done during the pregnancy photo shoot, we got some images with a black background and mummy wearing one of the same dresses that we had used in the maternity session.

Mother & baby
Baby photography
Mother & Baby
Mother & baby
Family portrait with newborn baby

Newborn baby, Children's & Family Photographer - North London

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