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Baby & Family Photographer - Wandsworth

Sleeping Baby

I had been recommended to this family by another client I had recently done a photo shoot for. Their baby girl was three weeks old by the time I came to do the session.

We began with some family photos and those with daddy, as he had to whizz off to work.

Family portrait with baby
Family photo with newborn baby
Family cuddles with newborn baby
Baby sleeping on daddy's shoulder
Daddy's kiss
Family photo with baby by window
Daddy's kiss
Motherly snuggles with baby

We then focussed on this adorable baby girl with some close up details and then with her snuggled in a basket adorned with some flowers.

Baby feet
Baby toes
Baby's fist
Big yawn!

We also captured her cuddled with mummy and also the grandparents who had come to help out.

Mother & baby
Yawning baby!

Baby & Family Photographer - Wandsworth, South West London, SW18

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