Baby & Family Photographer - London

I came to the home of this family in the west end of London. They had a three month old baby and an a three year old boy that they wanted to capture some natural photos of, as well as family photos.

We began with the baby who was full of smiles as he lay on a bed. This was also a great time to get some beautiful close up details of his hands and feet which as so cute.

The baby was getting tired and unsettled. So whilst mummy tried to get him to sleep I took some photos of his big brother in the sitting room. With the baby resisting sleep, daddy also tried to see if he could settle him.

We then headed out to the nearby park. The walk quickly sent the baby off to sleep, so once we arrived in the park, we focussed on natural photos of the family in the sunshine.

We captured some beautiful photos as the baby slept in the grass. I wonder what he was dreaming about?!

When he woke, it was time for cuddles with mummy.

Baby, Children's & Family Photographer - London, W1

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