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Baby & Family Photography - Streatham

Baby in basket

I photographed this baby girl when she was about six weeks old. Her mother wanted to have a few more 'posed' photos of her daughter and although this little baby was passed the usual two week old stage, she was a very relaxed little girl and we were able to get some newborn style photos of her. We started with her in a bathtub, lying in some soft, silky material.

Baby girl in bucket with flowers

She was happy to be swaddled (although a double layer was certainly required, so we could tuck her neatly into a basket (see top of this blog post), where we were also able to get some gorgeous close up details of her. We then easily moved her over to a bright coloured blanket.

Baby girl
Close up on baby's face
Close up on baby's face
Close up on baby
Baby's eye lashes
Baby in blanket

Still swaddled and asleep, it was time for some family photos using a wall as a background.

Family photo with baby
Mamma's kiss
Daddy's kiss
Yawning baby
Baby waking on daddy's shoulder

Now awake, but calm we photographed her on a rose petal blanket.

Pretty baby girl
Baby girl

And ended with a few little details.

Feet in heart hands
Craddling baby

Baby & Family Photographer - Streatham, South West London, SW16

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