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Newborn Baby, Birthday Balloons & Family Photos - Sydenham

Family photo with newborn baby

I just love the natural curiosity of young children. The way this two year old boy is peeking down his new sister's top is just so sweet and typical of a child of this age.

I had photographed this family when they had their little boy. Now they had a new arrival in the family, a baby girl.

We started with some family photos, as toddler's rarely have much stamina for formal photos. They were keen to get some photos against a black background, which I had set up at their home.

Family photo with newborn baby
New arrival
Parents with newborn baby

It was the toddler's second birthday and they had some balloons in the house.

I am 2!
I am 2!
Boy with balloons

The toddler was then taken off to nursery, whilst we then focussed on photos of his newborn baby sister.

Newborn baby with flowers
Newborn baby girl with rose
Baby girl
Beautiful, delicate baby photo
Close up on baby's face
Sleeping baby girl
Newborn baby photography
Baby's face

And also some photos with mummy and daddy.

Mother holding baby
Mother & baby
Mother & baby
Baby on father's shoulder

Newborn Baby, Children's & Family Photographer - Sydenham, South East London, SE26

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