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Family Photo Shoot On Wandsworth Common

Through the porthole

It was a beautiful summer's day when I met this family on Wandsworth Common for their family photo shoot. They had two young children, a boy of three and another boy coming up for a year old. It was busy on the common, so we headed towards the boardwalks around one of the ponds and daddy went off to go and find a big, long stick that we could pretend was a fishing rod. A big success with the two boys!

Children pretending to fish in pond
Children's photography
Family by Wandsworth Pond
Fishing with daddy
Mother & son

The youngest was having a mummy day and needed lots of cuddles.

Mother & baby
Cuddles with mummy

He looked adorably cute in the summer grass.

Baby sat in the summer grass

We grabbed a family portrait, even if this required daddy to have a play wrestle with the three year old!

Play wrestling
Family portrait in the park

We then headed to the playground.

Brothers in the playground
Baby exploring
Baby photography in the playground
Baby in the playground

Children's & Family Photographer - Wandsworth Common, South West London, SW18

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