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Newborn Baby & Family Photo Shoot - Kensington

Baby In Arms

I photographed this newborn baby girl at the family home in Kensington.

The parents wanted to get a range of natural and posed images. So we began with a few of the more posed images. This baby girl moved smoothly between the different set ups with different baskets, using the Perfect Posie for photos that would be finished later in editing or simple sleeping shots.

Newborn baby in floral wreath
Baby in basket
Baby in floral basket
Hanging newborn baby
Sleeping baby smiles
Curled Up baby in hands
Curled up baby in hands

Each of these poses enables us to also capture some closer up details.

Baby in basket
Sleeping baby
Close up on baby's face
Close up on baby's face
Newborn baby with flowers

Obviously we also photographed this little poppet with mummy and daddy too. It is always lovely to capture the joy in the eyes of new parents!

Family with newborn baby
Family portrait with newborn baby
Mother with baby girl
Mother & baby
Father & baby
Daddy kissing head of baby
Daddy and baby girl
Daddy with baby girl
Over the shoulder
Happy new parents

We didn't forget grandma too, who was there to help out.

Grandma with baby girl

Newborn Baby & Family Photographer - Kensington, West London, W14

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