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Studio-Style Photo Shoot At Home With 7-Month & 2-Year Old - Bickley

Seven month old baby in a basket

I have regularly photographed this family and they had recently moved from their home in Clapham to Bickley.

With their second son now seven months old they wanted to get some more photos of him (the last session we had done was his newborn photo shoot). They wanted to keep them more studio-style and similar to the photos their had done of their first-born at around the same age.

We set up a plain background in their sitting room and did a variety of studio style photos with just the seven month old baby, the two children together, as well as a few of the elder son - including some with his new drum set!

Baby boy in basket
Baby with toy bus
Studio style baby photography
Baby boy
Baby portrait
Dancing boy
Boy with drum kit
Baby photography

The children were both starting to get a bit tired. We got a few photos of the two of them outdoors in the garden.

Toddler in garden
Baby in garden
Brothers in the garden

Baby & Children's Photographer - Bickley, BR1

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