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Newborn Baby & Family Photo Shoot - Kensal Rise

Sleeping newborn baby

We began this newborn photo shoot with some natural photos on a bed with this gorgeous boy wrapped in a simple blanket.

Natural newborn baby photography
Beautiful baby
Sweet dreams
Family photos with newborn baby at home
Kisses for baby
Natural newborn baby photography
Newborn baby with family
Mother & baby
Daddy's kiss
Mamma kissing baby boy
Snuggles with baby
Natural newborn baby & family photo

With this little baby sleeping soundly, we also got a few close details.

Close up on baby's face
Baby's foot
Baby's hand

The parents also wanted to get photo of their boy in basket, which I had brought along with me.

Baby sleeping in basket
Baby photography
Close up on baby's face
Close up on baby's profile

They had a set of baby clothes and embroidered sheet that daddy had when he was a baby. We used the same basket again, but on a white, wooden floor background for this image.

Baby in embroidered outfit

They were also keen to get a photo of their newborn baby in the froggy pose. It took a while to get this (this is always done as a composed photo, put together in the edit, as babies necks are not strong enough to hold their heads and MUST be supported).

Baby in froggy pose
Beautiful newborn baby sleeping
Gorgeous newborn baby photo

Newborn Baby & Family Photographer - Kensal Rise, North London, NW10

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