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Newborn Baby Photo During The Covid 19 Lockdown - London

Newborn photo during lockdown

These are unprecedented times as we try to continue our lives during the Covid 19 pandemic. In London, and much of the world, we are currently in lockdown so obviously life is not carrying on in it's usual way. However, babies obviously continue to be born and what a stressful time it is to be pregnant and give birth. Our wonderful midwives and the NHS are doing such an amazing job during these challenging times to help women and babies in their care.

During this lockdown, like other newborn photographers, I am not able to do photo shoots. So I tried an experiment with one of my clients that had booked the Bump & Baby Package. We had done the maternity session before lockdown came into force. When her baby girl arrived, we agreed to try to get one newborn baby photo, as babies change and grow so quickly. I gave some instructions to the mother on how I wanted her to photograph her newborn baby, using the best camera she had available to her. She then sent me a few of her photos and I then edited the photo into a digital background and we managed to create the above image.

The actual photo shoot we shall have to wait and see as we follow the government guidelines. Working closely with newborn babies and pregnant women (who are all vulnerable at this time), it is my duty to ensure all clients are protected during their photo session with me and their health has to be the most important consideration.

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