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Outdoor Newborn Baby & Family Photo Shoot - Tooting Common

Outdoor baby photo shoot

An outdoor photo shoot was certainly not what had been planned by this family when booking their newborn baby photo shoot. I had taken the photos of their first child a couple of years ago. They had booked a little too late for a true newborn session (up to two weeks), so this time around, the mother had contacted me to book in six months before the due date, little knowing that Covid 19 was about to change our lives and how we would have to change the way in which we work.

Their second child, another little girl, was born just towards the end of the lockdown, when I was just starting to get back to doing some photo shoots... but outdoors only. Their baby was just over two weeks old when we arranged the session on Tooting Common.

With their two year old disappearing off around the pond to explore we captured a couple of photos of mummy and the newborn baby.

Mother and baby in the park

The explorers having returned, we captured a couple of family shots.

Family photo on Tooting Common
Mother and daughter looking out for ducks
Father with daughter

With the baby having become unsettled, we let mummy feed her whilst I went off to explore with daddy and the toddler.

Looking at the bees
Children's outdoor photography
Father & daughter playing on log
Natural children's photography

With the baby fed, we then lay her on a blanket to get some family photos, before focussing on a few by herself.

Outdoor family photo with baby
Lifestyle family photography
A new member of the family
Toddler with newborn baby
Sleeping baby
Baby sleeping on blanket
Natural baby photography
Baby toes

We then focussed on getting photos of mummy and daddy with the newborn baby.

Mother's kiss
Daddy's kiss
Daddy with newborn baby
Lifestyle newborn baby photography
Kissing baby
Outdoor baby photography
Natural newborn baby photography
Mother & baby
Baby in mother's arms
Baby on daddy's shoulder

Newborn Baby, Children's & Family Photographer - Tooting Common, South West London, SW17

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