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Adorable Newborn Photo Shoot - South East London

Sweet Dreams

The mother of this gorgeous, little bundle wanted the focus of this this newborn photo shoot to be on her little girl. Having discussed the kind of images, she mostly wanted the more posed style of images, with several using the digital backgrounds (such as the.

Newborn Baby With Orchids

Baby In Lavender Field

Newborn Baby Girl In Cot Bed

Newborn Baby In Wooden Root Bowl

We also used a white basket with flowers.

Baby In Basket With Flowers

Baby's Big Yawn

Whilst doing these various set ups we also have the opportunity to get close up photos of this baby's face and other details.

A Smile For The Camera!

Sweet Baby Girl

Baby In Mama's Arms

Baby's Head Cradled In Mummy's Hands

Baby Holding Onto Mummy's Finger

And finally an image of this newborn baby girl in her mummy's hands.

Simplicity Is Best

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