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Toddler & Newborn Baby Photography - Wimbledon

Newborn baby photography - Wimbledon
New Brother

I just love the way the cheeky face of the older brother peeks around from behind daddy's head in the above photo!

I have photographed this family on a number of occasions before and it was a delight to hear from them saying that they had a new addition to the family arriving soon. So when their second child, another baby boy, had made his grand entrance into the World, we arranged a newborn baby session at their home in Wimbledon.

We began, as I usually do when there are young children around, with the sibling and family photos. We set up in a bedroom for a range of photos with the four of them.

Natural newborn baby & family photography - Wimbledon
New Addition To The Family

Family Photographer - Wimbledon
We Are Now Four!

Newborn baby & family photography - Wimbledon
Joy Of New Brother

Children's photographer - Wimbledon
Posing On The Bed

Natural newborn baby photo shoot at home - Wimbledon
Kisses For Baby

We then spent some time on getting photos of the newborn baby, with a couple of similar photos that we had done for their firstborn boy.

Classic newborn baby photography - Wimbledon
Leopard Pose Baby

Natural newborn baby photography - Wimbledon
Baby Held In Parents Hands

Cute newborn baby photography - Wimbledon
Newborn Baby In Basket

Natural newborn baby photographer - Wimbledon
Baby Thoughts

Beautiful newborn baby photography - Wimbledon
Baby Feet

Natural newborn baby photographer - Wimbledon
Baby Holding Finger

We ended we a few natural photos of mummy and baby.

Natural baby photo shoot - Wimbledon
Mother & Baby

Natural baby photos - Wimbledon
Baby Sleeping On Shoulder

Newborn Baby & Family Photographer - Wimbledon, South West London, SW19


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