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Newborn Photo Shoots During Covid 19 Lockdown

Purple Wreath
Wooden Root Bowl
Purple Cot Bed
Pink Roses
Wooden Bowl

During the current Covid 19 pandemic we are controlled by Government guidelines and restriction.  I'm sure that you will understand that we need to adhere to these in order to minimise this spread of this virus.  My client's health is one of the most important things and although sometimes shoots have to be postponed which can be very disappointing.  I would like to do as much as I can when I am unable to do photo shoots and give my clients beautiful images from those precious early days when I know your baby is growing and changing so quickly.

So if you have a newborn baby session booked with me, but we are unable to do this due to the restrictions in place, then we can work together to at least give you a couple of stunning images that you can cherish and still use for framed pictures or simply for those thank you cards.

I shall take you through a step-by-step process of taking a photo of your new baby and then sending to me so that I can edit into one of the many stunning digital backgrounds (see the wide range of options at the bottom of this page).

1.  I recommend planning this before your baby is born and you can.  Take a look at the digital backgrounds at the bottom of this page and then it is well worth purchasing a stretchy wrap that will go with the digital background of your choice - some good options at Newborn Baby Posing (but there are several places to buy these).

2.  To wrap your baby (make sure you make them nice and snug) - this does take practice, but Kelly Brown has plenty of videos on YouTube - for example here.  It is also worthwhile downloading a white noise app and using this to help calm your baby.

3. Then create a kind of bowl-shape using 3 cushions and cover with a dark brown/black cloth.  Ideally have a window to the top, left of the camera frame (this is where all the light comes from in the digital backgrounds I use).  Using the best camera you have available to you, try to get an image of your as similar as you can to the one below.

Sample digital subject positioning.jpg

4. Email the photograph(s) to me advising which of the background(s) you would like to use.

Here is one that was created together with one of my clients during the first lockdown in 2020.

Photo Client Sent To Me
Finished Image

Digital Background Options

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