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Photography consent & release form

In acknowledgement of payment for photography services performed the Photographer hereby grants to the Customer unlimited reproduction rights to the photographs for personal (non-commercial) use. The Photographer also acknowledges that the Customer owns the copyright of images commissioned for domestic use (for example, family portraits, wedding photos etc). The Photographer claims a "right of restraint" to prohibit the use of images commissioned for domestic use being used for commercial purposes without prior written agreement. Where images are commissioned for commercial use, the Customer acknowledges that the copyright is owned by the Photographer and subsequent use will be as agreed. Requests for commercial use of photographs are to be submitted for approval. An additional fee may be payable.

The Customer hereby indemnifies the Photographer against any claims and damages, including reasonable legal fees, arising from the Customer's use of the photographs and the Photographer's use of any material under instruction from the Customer. 

The Customer hereby grants to the Photographer the right to use any image taken as a result of this agreement for display in the Photographer's portfolio, exhibitions, competitions and other promotions of the Photographer's work. The Photographer agrees that she will act on a reasonable written request from the Customer that particular photographs not be used for these purposes. Other than for these purposes, the Photographer agrees that no commercial or product promotion use will be made of the photographs unless agreed to in writing by the Client and/or the person(s) identifiable in the photograph(s).

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