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Newborn Baby & Family Photography Shoot - Southfields

I was asked to come and photograph a gorgeous new baby girl, Matilda, and her two older brothers, Thomas and Ollie in Southfields, Wandsworth. Before the day of the shoot, we decided that it would be a good idea to split the photo shoot. The first part concentrating on the close up photographs and individual photographs of the newborn baby Matilda. The second half of the shoot, after a short break when mother, Rebecca, went to pick up her five year old son, Ollie, from school, when we would then be able to concontrate on getting photographs of the two boys and their new baby sister.

Young Matilda was definitely in need of lots of mummy cuddles that afternoon and this is something that I very much allow for whenever I am photographing newborn babies (or any photo shoot really!).

Both of the boys were proud of their little sister and ready to shower her with kisses. Three year old, Thomas, was eager to show off and play for the camera, both with and without his sister - which is very much what these family photography shoots are about... it's not just the new arrival.

Newborn and children's photographer - Southfields, Wandsworth, London, SW18.

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