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NCT Group First Birthday Cake Smash - Balham

First Birthday Cake Smash - Balham

I was contacted by a client for whom I had done a bump and baby shoot for last year. Her little girl was now coming up to her first birthday. Rather than doing a cake smash for just her daughter, she and her NCT group wanted to do one as a group. We knew it would be fun... and messy!

When planning the session, we discussed doing the photo shoot at a small, local photography studio, but to keep costs down, we chose to do the cake smash at The Bedford in Balham. This was favoured by both the mother and myself - I liked the fact that this would give the cake smash more of a 'grunge' feel, rather than the usual clean backgrounds.

In the week running up to the photo shoot, two of the babies were unfortunately ill and not able to make it. So we ended up with six babies. Inevitably we didn't quite end up with six smiley faces for the group shot, but we had lots of fun and after having got the group shot (during which a couple of babies crawled off... straight through one of the cakes!) we continued to just capture their expressions and exploration of cake heaven.

Definitely the messiest cake smash I have done!

First Birthday Cake Smash Photographer - Balham, South West London, SW12

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