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Family & Children's Photography Shoot - Streatham Common (Halloween)

This was a fun photography commission for some very good friends. With grand parents living abroad for half of the year, the family wanted to send over some photographs of the two grandchildren and Halloween was a fantastic excuse for this. The two boys are growing so fast and for such a close family these photographs would make a lovely gift.

The photography session was planned over cups of tea and biscuits and on Halloween everyone descended upon their home which has a lovely big garden and is also right next to Streatham Common.

To make sure that they would have a good selection of photographs we started the session with ordinary casual clothes as once Count Dracula's (one of the boys) was dressed up, his hair would be firmly stuck to his head with gel and sprayed black.

Being a musical family, the boys both started at the piano. A full range of instruments came out, with bongos and recorders too. The rained having stopped we ventured to the back garden where the boys headed for the play house - it is amazing how bright plastic can look so great in photographs of young children. It really works.

The garden was dressed with pumpkins and dragons to bring out a gentle Halloween feel among the autumn leaves.

We then took a break for cheese and ham on toast (just the best!) and a change into Halloween costumes and dress up the summer house with spooky, bats, spiders, lamps and pumpkins. We then got some fun, Halloween photographs of the two boys and plenty of opportunities to make some excellent Count Dracula poses.

The photography session was nearly wrapped up, but we couldn't pass up on the rare occasion that so many of the family members are actually together. So we headed over to Streatham Common where a fabulous tree made a great place to grab some bigger family photographs to send over to the grand parents - just a shame that granny and grandpa couldn't be there themselves. However, they'll be back in the new year, so hopefully we'll get together again then.

Photographs to be added soon... but Christmas is just around the corner, so the photos are currently being held from the site. So do take another look once it's all looking bare under the Christmas tree again!

Family photographer - Streatham Common, South London, SW16

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