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First Birthday Children's Photography Shoot - Pimlico & Battersea Park

It was Elli-Anne's first birthday and her mother, Youlia, had been planning it for some time. Elli-Anne is an absolutely beautiful baby with dark hair, olive skin and big, chocolatey eyes and, although she won't remember the day in years to come, Youlia really wanted to make sure that there was to be a wonderful set of photographs for her to enjoy in the future.

I arrived at their home in Pimlico (London, SW1) to a party atmosphere. The music was playing, Youlia was dancing, her husband, Damon and the nanny beamed as they watched little Elli-Anne bounce up and down with the sense that something was definitely different that day.

There was a whole array of clothes, accessories and props all waiting for the photography shoot. The bedroom was the first set up area and we worked our way through different blankets, pashminas, tutus and hats, with fluffy bunny rabbits and pearl necklaces to play with. Elli-Anne was thoroughly relaxed and happy to show off for the camera.

It was then present time. Gifts and balloons covered the sofa and Elli-Anne didn't know where to start. So, as most babies do... she thought she'd test each parcel by putting it first of all straight in the mouth!

A bit of furniture rearrangement was then made to accomodate a black back-drop to do a few more formal photographs of the family. We then wrapped up warm and shuffled out onto the balcony where the family have a spectacular view of Battersea Power Station. The hazy sunshine gave the famous back-drop a thoroughly atmospheric feel.

Elli-Anne is a lucky girl. Not only does she have a fabulously stylish mother, she has a doting auntie/godmother who lives in Paris too! So, another costume change was required. This time into an adorably chic, grey French dress. As a well-travelled family who hope their young daughter will also fall in love with exploring the world, they brought out their globe for her excited little hands to spin and play with.

It was then time for the cake to come out - and some bubbles for the adults too :-) . What a stunning cake with butterflies and flowers arranged all around it... soon to be re-arranged by exploring and soon to be sticky fingers!

A quick lunch break for Elli-Anne before we made our way to their nearest park - Battersea Park. Elli-Anne took a short nap as we strolled down towards the band stand. Battersea Park always make a great photography location and we took advantage of the colourful leaves that we still out, alhtough mostly fallen from the trees on this perfect December day.

A beautiful photography shoot with an elegantly chic family in Pimlico. A wonderful set of photoraphs that really should make a stunning family photo book that will be a wonderful keepsake of Elli-Anne's first birthday for years to come.

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