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Twins Christening Photography Shoot - Hampstead

Just a month ago I did the newborn photography shoot for these two very special babies, Heath Scott and Holly Blue. Christenings are such beautiful and happy occasions and this Christening was no exception. There was a real feeling of love and celebration that came through as the friends and relatives of this lovely family took part in the baptism of these gorgeous twins.

The Christening took place at the very beautiful St Johns Parish Church in Hampstead. Although an early March day, the sun was out and it really felt like an English summer day. Friends and relatives gradually gathered at the front of the church before being called in for the ceremony to start. The guests entered the church to the beautiful sound of harp strings gentling tinkling in the background.

The priest had a strict no photography policy during the actual ceremony itself. But, we were given the opportunity to capture a small group shot by the font and also when two of children held the candles for the babies.

Corrine, the twins mother, had asked that I capture photographs of the two babies (obviously) and also the babies with each of their Godparents. She also mentioned that there would be a lot of children among the guests and she really wanted me to capture some of them - something I relished doing as children behave so wonderfully at such occasions. They often have a look of awe and great anticipation as they sit in the pews. One little girl had lined up her favourite soft toys on the hymn book shelf, which I just thought so wonderful! There were so many young girls around and they all looked so stunning in their summer dresses.

After the ceremony, there were drinks and nibbles in the church vestry. Everybody had smiles and all wanted to have cuddlea with Heath Scott and Holly Blue (particularly the other children). However, there was not only the baptism of the twins to celebrate, it was also the 7th birthday of one of the young girls and this was not forgotten.

A wonderful celebration for the Christening of twins, Heath Scott and Holly Blue at St Johns Parish Church, Hampstead.

To see more photographs from this Christening go to my Facebook page.

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