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New Mums Get Fit With Buggybells - Wandsworth Common

Slightly away from my usual subject matter of babies and children, I was recently asked to do a photography session of a Buggy Bells Russian Kettlebells class on Wandsworth Common. This was sweat, grit and 'good' pain! The personal trainer, Jamie Lloyd, who runs these regular fitness classes really got these new mums working hard. Each and everyone of these women really did fantastically well and their determination to get back into shape after having had a baby really showed.

To make the class more interesting this particular week, Jamie's little daughter joined too - looks like she's going to be following her father's footsteps judging from the above image (bottom left).

Looking forward to seeing the Buggy Bells new look website when it is ready.

To see more photos from this photo shoot go to my Facebook page.

Commercial photography - Wandsworth, London, SW18

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