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Baby & Family Photography Session - Bayswater & Hyde Park

This beautiful young family had been living in London for a little while and were due to head back to their home country of China only a week after the photo shoot. They were really keen to get some photographs of their new baby both in their London home and in Hyde Park which was close by. These photos were not only to get images of their baby girl, but also memories of their time in London that they could show their daughter in years to come.

When I arrived, on a Saturday morning in August, the sun was shining, but there was heavy rain forecast for later that day. We prepared to head straight over to Hyde Park as we could see the dark clouds building in the distant sky.

The light was beautiful. It really brought out the colours of the late summer, golden grass and the dark, ominous clouds in the background made for some striking photographs. So we laid baby Olivia down on a blanket in the grass to get some of our first photographs.

Baby lying in the grass

At this time of the summer, the hawthorne berries are coming out and can bring some lovely bright, red colour to the the background foliage. Having spotted a fully laden hawthorne bush we got a number of family photos.

Family Photography

Hyde Park is a really beautiful and varied location for family photography. There are plenty of open spaces, wooden areas, logs on which to snap famiy group shots, lakes, landscaped gardens and so much more.

Amy, Olivia's mummy, was sat on a tree stump, discreetly giving baby Olivia a top up feed. Her husband, Pi, came over and gave his wife a kiss - it was a beautiful, tender moment caught with the sunlight dappling on the leaves behind.

A Kiss

A short moment later, their nanny turned up carrying the largest bunch of balloons. These caught the eyes of most passers by and made for some amazing images. Quite simply Amy loves balloons and she wanted to have them for her baby daughter in pink, blue and yellow.

We made our way over to the Italian gardens, where the fountains and flowers provide a fantastic backdrop to photographs before we headed back to the family apartment for a selection of photos of baby Olivia and her family (including the photograph at the top of this blog entry).

To see more photos from this family photography session go to my Facebook page.

Baby & Family Photographer - Bayswater and Hyde Park, London, W2.

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