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First Birthday & Family Photography Shoot - Wimbledon Common

We have been so lucky this summer, with beautiful sunny days for so much of the time and the day of this family photography shoot was no different.

Himesh, little Maya's daddy, had contacted me in order to get some natural photographs of Maya and the family. He wanted the photos to show them all just relaxed and having fun. It was a special day for them - that milestone of their daughter Maya's first birthday. She was an absolutely adorable little character, so full of life and energy. I would say she was confidently walking, but that is not quite so, Maya did everything on the run!

I met the family on Wimbledon Common (always a great place for family photography) and we wandered down to a lake. Maya absolutely loved it... well, she could just sit and play in the mud, gravel and twigs for ages. Her inquistive little fingers finding any tiny little stone. Dressed in a light grey dress and white tights, these would not stay clean long!

Children's Photography - playing in the mud

The lakeside was stunning, with the sunlight glistening across the lily pads and ducks to feed.

Family Photography - Wimbledon Common

There was never a moment that I felt like I needed to pose or position the family, they simply went about the beautiful location as they naturally would as a family, laughing, playing and simply enjoying each others company. There were lots of smiles, tickles, running around, cuddles and laughter

Family Photography - Wimbledon Common

Maya's face was always so expressive and she just couldn't stop exploring the world around her.

Children's Photography - Wimbledon

After some time we moved away from the lake to a different part of the common. A section that was more open and grassy. At this time Maya was starting to get a little tired and was wanting to be held by Himesh or Monika, her mummy. That didnt' stop the fun and they all charged around the open space - and this is where I got the photo at the top of this blog - one of my favourites from the photo shoot. It really shows the sense of fun this family has.

To see more photos from this session go to my Facebook page.

A really lovely family photography session for Maya's first birthday - Children's Photographer - Wimbledon Common, SW19

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