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Baby & Family Photography Session - Southfields

When I arrived at the home of 10 week old baby Conrad and his parents in Southfields the forecast was not looking great. His mummy, Alison, had been keen to get some photos in their local park, King George's Park, and I always try to spend sometime outside for each of my photo shoots as this really helps to ensure a really lovely wide selection of photos. There was a tiny bit of frizzle in the air (so definitely not going to be a good hair day with my curly locks!), but we headed out quickly, as the forecast was due to get worse.

It is amazing how doesn't take much greenery and it really seems as though you're out in the countryside - both Adam and Alison had not expected me to check out a tiny fenced section of the park. From the gate it really didn't look too promising, but who would realise that they weren't in a grassy field or in the woods in the photos below?

Family Photography King George's Park
Family Photography King George's Park

Having got various photos of both Conrad by himself and the family in the park, we headed back to their home. He was beginning to get a little tired, so we got some photos of both Adam and Alison cuddling their baby boy and some family photos on the bed. Alison then settled Conrad to sleep on a quilt that had been made by a family friend. Once asleep, we got some sleeping shots and close up details of hands, head and feet.

When he awoke, we photographed Conrad playing with his parents in the sitting room, including the photograph at the top of this blog and also, some photos of Alison and Conrad relected in a large mirror.

Baby Photography - Mother & Baby

To see more photos from this family photography session go to my Facebook page.

Baby & Family Photographer - Southfields, South West London, SW18.

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