14 Month Old Twin Girls Photo Shoot - Kensington & Chelsea

It is always fun to photograph twins and I was absolutely delighted to do a photography session with these two gorgeous, characterful, 14 month old identical twin girls, Farida and Dalida with their parents.

We met at Battersea Park, always a lovely place to do photo shoots, and the colourful leaves were still lying all over. We started by placing the girls on a beautiful, deep red blanket with a backdrop of hedges behind and let the two girls naturally react and play.

We then moved on to a bench for both some family photos, as well as some of just the twins.

We were moving quite quickly as the clouds overhead were looking somewhat grey and in didn't take long before some raindrops started to fall. Thankfully there wasn't too much rain and we managed to get a whole range of photos with the famous Battersea Pagoda in the background.

It was beginning to get rather chilly, so we then made our way back to the family home over the river in Kensington and Chelsea to have more fun with the girls.

They are such wonderfully fun and expressive girls and I really enjoyed the session.

Twins Photographer - Kensington & Chelsea, London, SW3

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