Cousins On Family Photo Shoot - Purley

It was a completely dark, wet and miserable day outside when I came over to do the family photo shoot with three cousins at their grandparents house in Purley.

I had taken photos of Olivia and Luke a year and a half ago at their Clapham home and their grandmother asked me to come along to take some photos as a Christmas gift to her (now grown up) sons and their families at their own home in Purley.

Rosie (the eldest cousin of 4 1/2) had not yet arrived, but in the meantime we got cracking and Olivia (4 years old) got us all playing hide and seek with her monkey. The grandparents house was large, so this game took us all over and into all sorts of nooks and crannies in the search for Olivia's beloved monkey. Luke (2 years old) was great at getting into all sorts of tight little spots.

When Rosie arrived the game changed to one of charging around the house. Rosie is a young girl full of energy and speed.

The pace soon changed and we got some more relaxed photos of the three cousins playing together.

As well as some individual photos of each of the three children.

A check outside on the weather - yes, still raining, but everyone got into their waterproofs and we headed out into the beautiful garden. Luke was particularly adorable as he made his determind way around the bushes.

Coming in from the rain, the children relaxed into various activities before I was treated to a fabulous Italian family meal.

A full on, fun, family photo shoot - Family Photographer, Purley, CR8

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