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Newborn Baby Photo Shoot - Stratford

It was exciting coming back to see this lovely young family a few weeks after Anamaria's maternity photo shoot. During the pregnancy session we had done the first part of a pre and post baby image (above) with giant angel wings. On this newborn session we would then be covering the second part with little baby boy, Mateo. As Anamaria had ended up having a cesarian section, we had delayed the newborn session slightly and she was still recovering from the operation, so we took things very gently.

We started the session with Mateo sleeping naked on a little blanket that had been made for him.

This then gave us the opportunity to bring in mummy and daddy... as well as grandma, who was over from Venezuela to help out.

We then concentrated on a few close up details of hands and feet.

We then did the angel photos and took the opportunity to get some other photos of Mateo with his angel wings.

During the session we also got a range of other natural baby and family photos.

Newborn Baby & Family Photographer - Stratford, East London, E15

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