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Newborn Baby Photo Shoot - Streatham

When I arrived at baby Maxwell's home in Streatham he was beautifully settled in his moses basket. He had a wonderful head of thick, dark hair just like his father who then came down the stairs.

I took a look around the house and decided that the bedroom at the top of the house would be the best place to start the photography session. The light was lovely and soft. After a few photos of Adel, his mummy, and Maxwell, we then settled him onto the bed on a textured blanket they had been given. Here he fell asleep and we were able to get a range of photos of him, as well as some including both his mummy and daddy as he lay there.

We then got a big fur rug out and got some more photographs of him, including some close up details and also with a cute woolen hat.

Soon after this he woke up and we took the opportunity to get some photos with his daddy in the nursery, as well as some more family shots in the bedroom before it was the end of the photography session.

Newborn Baby Photographer - Streatham, South West London, SW16

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