Newborn Baby & Family Photographer - Sutton

Baby Archie was such a sweetie. I came to their family home in Sutton and we quickly got going, starting with Archie in a basket all swaddled up in a blanket that had been his mummy's blanket when she was a baby too.

As Archie was not yet going to sleep, we took some photos of Archie with his mummy in the bedroom.

We then took some photos of Archie in his father's arms against a plain wall. As he then drifted off to sleep we laid him on a blanket for some naked baby photos - I do not put naked photos on this website, but here are a couple of head shots I can show.

Still sleepy, we wrapped him up in the blue blanket together with a matching pom pom hat (also see the photograph at the top of this blog post).

A couple of family portraits to finish up too.

Newborn Baby & Family Photography, Sutton, South West London, SM2

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