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Maternity Photographer - Essex

Maternity Photography - Essex

Having had a good chat before the pregnancy photo shoot we agreed the best location to do this session was at this couple's fabulous barn out in Essex. The barn proved an excellent location.

The barn was full of beams and woodwork that we used to provide interesting maternity photos that would be unique and meaningful to this couple.

Silhouette On The Staircase - Pregnancy Photography, Essex
In The Library - Pregnancy Photography, Essex
Happiness - Pregnancy Photography, Essex

We then got some more intimate photos to really show off that beautiful bump and capture the shape (most of these I have not included).

Pregnancy Photography, Essex

We then headed out into the gardens, where the earlier frizzle seemed to have eased off and the sun was trying to burn its way through the clouds.

Under The Tree - Maternity Photography, Essex
Kiss - Maternity Photography, Essex

Maternity Photographer - Essex

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