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Maternity Photographer - Balham

Heart - Maternity Photography

It was absolutely pouring down with rain the day that I came to do the maternity photo shoot for this young couple in Balham. As a result, we stayed at their home rather than heading to a nearby park.

We began the session with photos on the bed to relax into the session - it can often feel a little daunting to be the centre of attention during a pregnancy photo shoot, but it didn't take long before this soon-to-be-mum felt more at ease in front of the camera.

Bump - Pregnancy Photography
Coming Soon! Maternity Photos

Their two cats also pop into the room to see what was going on - one slightly more dubious of the situation than the other!

Puss & Bump... With Little Booties
Cats & Bump

We got some lovely shots with this lady in a man's white shirt - a great, but simple look.

Boyfriend Shirt - Bump Photography

We then got some photos against a window as well as a plain white wall.

Beautiful Bump
Maternity Photography
Joy - Pregnancy Photos
Perfect Bump

A few last photos downstairs in the sitting room, where our friendly feline decided to make another appearance - always good to include family pets.

Did You Feel It Move?

Maternity Photographer - Balham, South West London, SW12

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