Children's & Family Photographer - Wandsworth Common

This family photo shoot had been bought as a gift by a grandparent. We met at Wandsworth Common where this characterful toddler was definitely going to lead the session!

It is always fun when you explore a familiar location with a young child, they always see things in a different way to an adult. We headed down to the ponds to see what was out and about that day. This little girl had such a cheeky smile!

We then made our way to the playground.

With all the running around, it was time for a sit down and a snack.

Then time to continue with the games, with balls, bubbles, dandelion clocks and general running around.

We then headed over to the bowling green, where the flowers were looking stunning.

We then headed slowly back through Wandsworth Common, getting a few more family photos before the rain started to come down.

Children's & Family Photographer - Wandsworth Common, South West London, SW18

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